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Dave Byers is a songwriter from Ohio and has been writing songs since 1979 when he first began playing the guitar. He is the author of the book "The Songwriting Fundamentals" which has been sold all over the world. He is the founder of the Christian Songwriting Organization which has members from all over the world.

Dave includes some free songwriting tips from his book "Songwriting Fundamentals here. Take a look at the free tips but be sure to order a copy of the book. You can have a lifetime of songwriting experience from Dave.

Dave is doing a study on congregational worship for church here. Check it out.

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Songwriting Fundamentals Book Information:

Do you feel like your songs aren't as good as you wished they were? Does it seem like your writing the same old thing? Do you have trouble finishing songs? Do you find yourself sounding like a Dr Suess book when trying to rhyme? Are you ready to improve your songwriting? This is the book for you then. Dave Byers has studied many of the songwriting books on the market. His goal was to lay out the craft of songwriting in the most clear, concise and direct manner. He has spent years pouring over interviews from songwriters and studied at great length hit songs from many genres. He is an accomplished musician and instructor. He has been a songwriter for over 30 years and will quickly help you improve your songwriting. "Discover the true joy of songwriting when you understand the fundamentals used in many successful songs!" This book covers songwriting from A to Z. It is the perfect book for those starting out in songwriting as well as the intermediate and advanced writers looking to improve their songwriting skills. Each section is clearly labeled and easy to find. No other book covers the songwriting fundamentals as completely as this book does. Get a lifetime of songwriting experience in this book for less than the cost of a typical music lesson. A terrific value!

Table of contents:


Section 1: Technique Inspiration, Ways to be inspired, Verses of inspiration, Saying the same thing but in a new way, Beautiful person/song, Catch their attention quickly, Telling your story, Catchy title, The hook, The focus of a song, Saying it directly, Unfolding your lyric, Connect-ability, Point of view, Talking to the listener, Keeping the chorus intact, Song length.

Section 2 : Structure, Verse/chorus format, Rhyming, Studying rhyme and song structure, Rhyme scheme, The many type’s of rhymes, Song meter, Tension and release, The punch line, Music theory and melodies, Catchy melodies, Metaphors and similes

Section 3: Making it a song, Mapping your songs, Story songs, The beauty of contrast and conflict, Details make the song, Perspective, Writing from your heart, Instrumentation, Interesting intervals, Rewriting your songs, Relax and write it

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Some comments people have made:

Dave Byers' "Songwriting Fundamentals" book is an excellent resource for new songwriters, and even seasoned writers will appreciate being reminded what makes a great song. Far removed from a traditional textbook approach, Dave writes in a conversational manner that makes his book hard to put down. James Moore

A lot of helpful hints which made me realize I was doing right. Thank you for the helpful tips. It has helped greatly. Kathryn

Dave, I enjoyed your Songwriting Fundamentals book. Thanks for your words and your references. Billy

Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge and talent with others. It inspires me to work hard and use the information to play the guitar. Holly

I just wanted to tell you that this book has helped me so much! Haley

I just wanted to say it is great - Anita

Very good material Dave. Keep up the good work. Hope this gives you the exposure that you so rightly deserve. Mary

I am a writer and I am learning some good tips from you. Keep up the good teaching and thanks again Dave. William

I just wanted to personally thank you for being an encouragement through your book. (your articles helped resolve a lot of issues in the songwriting area already...much appreciated!) Pete

Hi Dave, I just have to tell you that this was a terrific answer to prayer. When I asked the Lord for direction in getting serious with this gift I found this treasure trove!! Temple

I have enjoyed your information and it has helped me finish some of my songs." Ian - "Really enjoyed your book on songwriting - was sitting here with 'writer's block' trying to finish a few things" Amy - "Loved your book! Great work!" Alexandra

I very much appreciate your emphasis on Melody in your book. Lenny

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