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Dave Byers began playing music in 1979. Right off he was interested in songwriting & recording. First, he took two tape player side by side and played what he recorded from one to the other. Then moving to a 4 track recorder and later to digital multi track in a home studio he built. He has released independently quite a few cassettes and cd's over the years. His latest release is entitled "Reverb" which is stuffed with 17 of his favorites songs he's written. Check out his music, his book and more about Dave on this site.Dave is doing a study on congregational worship for church here. Check it out.


Listen to Dave's song "Thank you for your service" on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Pandora or wherever you get your music online. It's a wonderful tribute to our veterans and their families.





Above is Dave's book Songwriting Fundamentals. His book is on sale for only $9.95 with free US shipping. Click for more information on it.

Dave's new project Blessed has been released! Click here to purchase.

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