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Congregational Songwriting Praise And Worship Music for Church Study

Congregational music is Praise and Worship Music written for the purpose of them being used in a church service. What is the difference between "Congregational" music and regular songwriting? A songwriter attempting to have their songs sung by a congregation must seriously take the congregation in mind. The melody must be interesting be not very wide as the singer in a church will be between the ages of 5 and 95. They often are not singers at all just there attempting to praise and worship along in the church with the song. The melody also must be interesting enough but again easy enough that the very average or less experienced singer can easily sing along with. This goes with the phrasing and meter of the song as well.

When someone is singing the song alone the melody range is usually much wider, the phrasing can be quicker and so on but congregational songwriting insists on a more basic approach. Vivid songwriting though is very important as you want to write songs that those people standing in the church want to sing to God. Things that they want to praise or worship, words that they can wholeheartedly agree with feel. 

My goal is that when they go home they'll continue to sing the songs as well so melody and interesting lyrics are important just as they are in regular songwriting. What I've done decades ago as a songwriter was to dive into the top songs on the charts and to study them and to see what makes them tick. My plan here is to do the very same thing but with Praise and Worship songs to analyze them and see what we can learn from them. What similarities might they have? Let's dig in as I want to be a better songwriter of songs for the church. I have written songs for over four decades. But I've not written very many good songs for the church specifically and that is my aim. 

I also would love your feedback. What song might you suggest we look at? What comments and thoughts do you have on the subject? Where do you agree with me or disagree? Contact me as I'd love to hear from you. 

Let's begin our study below. Our first song is "The Blessing." I chose this song because according to praisecharts it's the #1 requested song this year by Worship Leaders around the world. I plan on studying about ten songs or so and again, let me know if you have a song suggestion. My main interest is in studying very popular songs in this genre to see if we can determine what made them so popular.

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Songs in this Study

The Blessing


This is Amazing Grace

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