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Where do you find inspiration for writing song lyrics?

Where do you find inspiration for writing songs - music and lyrics, people will ask. I think that they key for a songwriter to be open to receiving these ideas. For instance if your mind is busy doing a hundred things there's simply not going to be space for inspiration. Turn off the radio, tv and other distractions. Then start looking and listening to the world around you as a songwriter. Suddenly, billboards, conversations, advertisements, blogs, etc. become ideas for songs. Try it!

For inspiration for writing music/songslyrics, sermons are a wonderful place I get song ideas. Especially the daily short messages pastors send out. They're terrific because you get the meat and potatoes of their message in a couple paragraphs.

Joel Osteen is a pastor I like, but also many others. Try subscribing to pastors daily messages that you like and using some of those quick messages as a song inspiration. Often the title jumps right out of the message and you're on a roll.

Where do you find inspiration for writing?

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