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How do I get the song I wrote to people?

OK, so you wrote a song or a bunch of songs and now you want to get the songs that you wrote in to the hands of an artist, band, recording company, publisher etc. How do you get songs that you wrote to performing and recording artists? Well the first thing I would say is congratulation on writing a song you feel confident about. The second thing I would say is "welcome to the club." There's a zillion of us songwriters who write songs and then struggle to find people for them. One thing you can do is go to reverbnation.com and search for artists/bands that you think they would good for and contact them. Larger name artists are tough to contact but you can start with smaller artists and work your way up. Try this locally. There's also a book called 2015 Songwriter's Market. Look it up, it has a ton of contacts for publishers etc. Good resource but it's probably 75% good. Very tough to get a song into a big name artists hands. They like dealing in person with people they know and trust rather than strangers. Very though to break into things. That's why I say join the club... Don't get discouraged though. Do it for His glory and leave it in His hands.

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