Dave Byers

Which guitar should I get?

Should I get a tratocaster, Les Paul or something else?

Neither is better, they’re just different. 99.5% of it or any guitar is all on the person holding it. That’s where the sound comes from.

Trust me as a music store owner and 35+ year player, spend less time searching for gear and MUCH more time practicing. You will sound tons better. Go to a local music store (preferably independently owned) and play some. They just feel a bit different.

A les Paul sits a tad further back on your leg when sitting. They’re heavier but have a chunky sound. A strat is extremely comfortable. Think Hendrix, Clapton (I could go on for days) lighter and has a little more distinctive tone than a LP. LP is fat and a strat is not. A Tele is almost a combination of the two.

I own all 3. I sound the same on all 3. I’m inspired differently though on all 3 and love playing the different ones.

But trust me, less gear lusting and more practicing is “REALLY” where it’s at.