Dave Byers

What’s best or fastest way of learning how to play guitar?

What’s best or fastest way of learning how to play guitar?

Music lessons by a reputable guitar teacher in person. Mom & dad hooke dme up with lessons back in 1979. I took lessons off of 3 different guys and was a guitar playing fool… well that hasn’t stopped. Lol! 

Get your feet on the right track. Get the fundamentals under your feet right off instead of trying things on your own and developing bad habits you later have to undo. 

Music is not a microwave, drive-through sort of thing. It’s going to be toughest those first 3 months. Suck it up and get through it. All of our fingers hurt in the bginning, no one picked up music and was an expert in 30 days etc. Devote yourself to praciting what you are taught. Don’t just go to lessons once a week and leave the instrument sitting inthe case the entire week. Play it daily. 15 minutes, an hour, whatever you have. To learn music, you have to devote time to it just like any relationship. 

Music is not rocket science. Can you count to 4? Can you say your ABC’s to G? Good, you’ll be fine. No excuses. Anyone can pkay music. only a select few will make the big bucks. But ALL of us can have fun playing music. Well, all of us who follow through and devote ourselves to it. 

That can be you. Go get a really good guitar teacher and practice.