Dave Byers

Is music theory all that big of a deal?

Is music theory all that big a deal really?

Kids learn to talk mimicking those around them. Parents etc. will help them some but they could learn even without that. Then they go to school and learn with english classes etc. Is all that an over analysis of language, or is it simply learning english so we don’t sound like idiots and can converse with those around us better? Music is the same way. You can learn by copying those around you somewhat and dorking around on your own. Floundering around aimlessly, but learning theory is learning the language of music. There are no rules. There are a lot of excellent guides that will explode your understanding and ability to talk about and converse with others about music that you simply cannot do without it’s knowledge.

#1 The song was pretty good.

#2 It’s a 2–5–1 in the key of Eb that modulates a step in the chorus and there’s this awesome mixolydian run in the 7th and 8th bar of the break that you just have to hear.