Dave Byers

Guitar picks, do I use thin, medium, or heavy?

Guitar picks, do I use thin, medium, or heavy?

I started in 1979 with a real thin pick. I then went to medium which led to heavy. Usually, I like around a 1.0 to 1.14 and Dunlop max grip picks are my favorite. 

Why do I like heavy picks? The attack is so much quicker. I fell I have total control over the note. It doesn’t seem to slip off the strong for instance. It’s also just the right type of grip. Brain picks are like jaggers, to sharp. Regular dunlop nylon picks just don’t have enough grip. The max grip to me is perfect and there’s no novelty feel like other grip picks on the market I’ve seen. 

Do I use medium or thin picks at all? Yes, I favor thinner picks with soft strumming. The problem is, I love to add a hammer on and pull off techniques that James Taylor influenced me with. So thin picks are best for just strumming for me, I’ll go to a medium to do a little fingerstyle stuff with my fingers but quickly find myself reaching for heavier picks before long. 

Why do I like Dunlop Max Grips? They have the best grip on a pick I’ve seen without goofy alterations. For years I liked a pick George L’s made that is now long discontinued that had a rubberish feel grip to them. Problem was that it wore off quickly and was very slippery then. Everyone is different though. Have a bunch of different picks hanging around and use them on different song styles and try them. It’s like ice cream, we don’t have to both walk away from the ice cream stand with the same kind. There is no wrong or right.