Dave Byers

What kind / brand of guitar should I buy?

What kind of guitar should I buy?

I get asked "What kind of guitar should I buy?" a good bit.

Your first guitar or additional? I'll assume first. Go to a real music store. Preferably an independently owned music store (not a gc etc.) Sign up for lessons also. Do yourself a BIG favor. Brand isn't so much an issue but stick in general with major types of brands not some wild name.

Yamaha, Lag, Ibanez, Washburn, Epiphone, Dean, Schecter all make pretty good playable guitars that aren't going to break the wallet.

As you put a bit more $ into it you'll get a guitar with better components and more workmanship that will sound better, play better, stay in tune better and hold up better for you long term.
Size? That really depends on your size. I wouldn't suggest a wild shape of a guitar as they're often tough to sit with an play.

Purchase it where it seems like a place where you trust the folks at. That it doesn't seem like a car lot with ever changing employees and that they're not after a fast buck. They've been there a while, have a good reputation and support the local music scene. Buy it there also in your local community not online.

Then get lessons and put your time in practicing and enjoy the heck out of it. Welcome to the club (musician's) enjoy yourself. playing music isn't a competition like so many other things. It's all about the good time. :-)