Dave Byers

ShouldI learn acoustic or electric guitar first?

Should I learn acoustic or electric guitar first?

People often wonder if they should start on acoustic or electric guitar first. As a guitarists and instructor since 1979 and a music store owner since 1998 I'll give you my advice.

It won't matter a lot honestly. Which one are "you" more excited about though? That's the one you'll play more and that's the one I'd suggest to you. It can be based off the music you like to listen to also. Do you like listening to one or the other more often? That should influence your decision more.

An electric is easier to play because the strings are thinner, generally closer to the fingerboard and the body is thinner making it easier to handle. For many it's "cooler" so again they'll play it more often. Not everyone though of course. If you're into classical, Zach Brown kinda country etc. you might want to go with a acoustic or classical.

But in the end a C chord is the very same on all of them.

The important thing is that you get started and you get some good direction like a local instructor. We don't want this acoustic, electric or classical sitting in the closet...

Music is enjoyable. Have fun! It's gave me tons of satisfaction over the years.

Just remember, instruments and equipment are like tools. A good craftsman can make a house out of a basic was mart hammer and nails. But they'd much more prefer higher quality tools. The job will get done faster, more accurately and the craftsman will enjoy their work more.

Eric Clapton could come into my music store and make every guitar sound terrific. But some he'd be thinking "ohh what a low end piece of junk" while he was playing and others "wow, this instrument is really nice!" A good quality instrument will inspire you to play more often and free you from thinking "ohI ate this guitar, the strings are to high and it sounds like butt" as opposed to relaxing and enjoying the music.

Just don't get to caught up into equipment that it steals most of your practice time. Ability is 99% of it which comes from practice.