Dave Byers

Is it impossible for some people to not be good at music or the guitar specifically?

Is it impossible for some people to be good at guitar / music?

I own a music store and I get this kind of question a lot. Or the statement "I don't have a musical bone in my body" or "I don't know where my kids get it" (ability to play music) or "I don't have the music gene" etc. etc.

Is it impossible for some people to be good or play guitar / music?

It's all about your passion. Some folks passion is to climb mountains, play golf, scuba dive, stamp collecting etc.

Some of us love to play music. Not that some can and others can't. Anyone can do just about anything if they put enough effort into it. Some people are naturally good at things though. Playing guitar is like telling a story. Anyone can tell a story. Some folks can tell a good one though and it comes easy to them and others are horrible at it. But anyone can "tell" a story. Anyone can play guitar well. It's just a matter if you want to bad enough to put the time into it. I'm not saying you'll tour the world, be famous etc. but anyone can play well if they try.

I seen a video of a guy once who had no arms and was playing with his feet. Did he have super talented feet? No, he just wanted to play the guitar so badly that having no arms wasn't going to stop him... It's more dedication than anything else.