Dave Byers

How do you make bass and guitar parts more interesting?

How do you make bass parts or guitar parts more interesting?

How do I make my guitar parts or bass lines more interesting? "More interesting" is kinda vague. Music is art. What one person finds interesting another can't stand. Here's my suggestion. Dive deep into music you love and "find interesting." Listen to it and then pick up your bass and begin learning those parts note for note. Then if you have the stamina even write out the parts, what notes they are in that key. Root, 2nd, 5th etc. This involves music theory. Don't know it? Learn it if you truly want to improve. Seeing this you are examining what this bassist did. You basically are taking what they cooked up and finding the exact recipe they used to make it. The more you do this and analyze what was done, the more things you learn. You'll see tendencies and when you hear something interesting you'll see exactly what they did and be able to not only imitate it but use it in different songs. You will find out what makes those parts interesting to you. Then you can replicate and add twists etc.